Vision screenings for children birth to age five


Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches now offers free vision screenings at area preschools and daycares for children from birth through five years of age. Children do not know if what they see is typical or atypical. Early vision screenings can pick up problems that you, your child or their teachers may not notice. Unfortunately, these problems will not correct themselves with age.

From birth until about six years of age, vital connections are formed between a child's eyes and brain. Anything that blocks or blurs vision in one or both eyes may stunt the development of these connections. This can cause the brain to not fully recognize the images seen by one or both eyes.

Sight and visual clues are important to a developing baby or child, and how they process information from the world around them. Impaired vision can affect how a baby or child understands and functions by limiting the information and range of experiences to which a child or baby is exposed.

A screening that takes minutes to complete can change the life of a child forever.


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